Nguyen Hau - Quality Belief

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The quality of product is the most important to decide the consumer's trust. Besides that the brand name is the main element to keep long relationship with customers and it is also the main part that customers can believe in
So our company has to ensure to stabilize the quality of products and improve the quality day by day. By those reasons, Nguyen Hau Im-Ex Joint Stock Company decided to invest the automatic production system with advanced technology, closed chain, and combined with modernized technique, ensuring the hygienic according to the quality administration program strictly that was recognized by all over the world such as: ISO, HACCP.... to warrant the customer's health safety.

Nguyen Hau products are very plentiful and many types. They are produced from agricultural and seafood material. Nguyen Hau products are distributed at Supermarket system, market, whole Viet Nam
With longtime experiences in processing and producing food for exporting and domestic, Nguyen Hau Im-Ex Joint Stock Company always produce so many kinds of products to serve market demand

Vision and Mission

Our main strategy is quality. We will approach and get in market through our quality products. Nguyen Hau Im-Ex Joint Stock Company carried out the closed-modernized production's process.

Besides that we continue to improve and apply the achievements of science and technology to enhance the quality of product effectively.

Our target become top of food company at Dong Thap Province and will be one of ten Food Company in Viet Nam.

Our mission: Nguyen Hau Im-Ex Joint Stock Company will be become one of company who head in processing food, and we will be always trusted by consumers in domestic and foreign countries.

Quality Policy

Our throughout target: we always warrant to carry out the food hygiene and safety. And we confirm that we always produce and supply products with high and stabilized quality.