Five-bean-type flour

This flour is combination of green bean, red bean, white bean, black bean and soybean


+ For hot usage: mix 1 flour packet (35g) with 120ml warm boiled water, stir the mixture and use it instantly
+ For cold usage: mix 1 flour packet (35g) with 60ml warm boiled water, stir the mixture, add ice cubes and use it instantly

“Nguyen Hau five-bean-type flour” has many kinds of bean that are healthy for most everyone. A packet 35g is good enough for a day.

This favourable flour can be used at any time. It’s suitable for a busy life but still provide enough nutrients for body needs.

Products are produced with closed and advanced technology and inspected thoroughly. Especially, there is no presevative in it so it is good for health.

“Nguyen Hau five-bean-type flour” is produced with an optimal recipe based on nutrient balance so it’s very good for both children and old people.

Let’s enjoy it!